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WordBoost IE is the fastest, easiest, and most convenient browser enhancement, enabling users to define words and to conduct the most powerful net searches with a right mouse click instead of redirecting to a search engine home page. Simply highlight a word or phrase, right-click, and have instant access to an extensive compilation of the Internet’s most comprehensive dictionaries and search engines. WordBoost IE cuts down on most unnecessary surfing by providing a simple, powerful right-click option.

WordBoost IE is revolutionary in two respects:
1) it allows users to access a combination of search engines and a dictionary everywhere they surf, and
2) it adds these valuable capabilities without sacrificing CPU performance. As an Internet Explorer enhancement, WordBoost IE utilizes no memory and is not an active program.

WordBoost IE searches the net using eight engines simultaneously and is integrated with an extensive dictionary database of technical and non-technical definitions, as well as acronyms.

Installing WordBoost IE is a matter of clicks and seconds, and using the enhancement is easy.

WordBoost IE is free. Click DOWNLOAD NOW to obtain your copy instantly. WordBoost IE is fully compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer and AOL versions 4 and greater.