Currently under development, WordBoost XP is the next generation Windows enhancement, incorporating the information that you need most with Microsoft Office XP. WordBoost XP synchronizes user-defined databases with all Office applications using Microsoft’s Smart Tag technology, allowing users to gain instant access to the information they need while reading or typing documents, spreadsheets, or emails.

Imagine, as a doctor or medical/biotech analyst, reading an article in Word or an email in Outlook and not recognizing a new or old drug name. The need to look up toxicity levels, usual dosage, or other information regarding a drug is pressing, and there’s no time to go searching around the web for the relevant facts. By integrating medical databases into WordBoost XP, the information would be available as you read. Simply pull your mouse cursor over the drug name (or other medical term) in question, pull down the Smart Tag, click on the database you want to use, and a new window opens with all of the relevant information. WordBoost is currently contacting different medical databases to make this possible.

Or envision, as a student, the need to look up a phone number or address on a university directory. With WordBoost XP, there is no need to go to the directories page of the university website. Once the relevant directory database is synchronized with WordBoost XP, if the name is in the directory, it will be underlined in any Office application. Simply click on the Smart Tag and a window will open with the listing.

WordBoost XP is designed to bring up-to-the minute information. If a database is updated, your WordBoost XP application will be as well.

The possibilities are endless. WordBoost XP can be tailored to function with a variety of databases. Need to check inventory levels right away? Need to translate a word? WordBoost XP can work for you.

If you have a suggestion regarding a database you would like to see added to your Smart Tags, or if you are interested in partnering with WordBoost, let us know via email.